Copyright information

Please feel free to make copies of any photographs on my site, with or without modication, for any purpose. This includes saving them and posting them elsewhere. Please give me credit in the way that suits your medium best (the only credit I require is "Lewis Collard"). If it's convenient for you and appropriate for your medium, please give a link to either this website or my my main website.

If you require a more formal statement for legal reasons, you can consider these licensed under the the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

I request, but do not require, that you save the full-resolution versions of any photographs that you copy. The versions that you see displayed on any web page are reduced-sized and reduced-quality versions to make pages load quicker. Full resolution versions can be downloaded by following the link right underneath each photo's page. This ensures that you are working with the highest-resolution and best-quality photo possible. It also gives me free off-site backups! \o/